April 2016


April 2016.


Blocking down in a tight spot.



Big Old Eucalyptus Removal - Before.

Big Old Eucalyptus Removal - Before


Canopy Almost Gone.

Canopy Almost Gone


Decent Size Wood.

Decent Size Wood


The Clean Up.

The Clean Up


Friction Drum Lowering Device.

Friction Drum Lowering Device


Liquid Amber Trunk.

Liquid Amber Trunk


Angophora costata Removal.

Angophora costata Removal


Rigging It Down.

Rigging It Down


High Voltage Wires.

High Voltage Wires


Blocking Down.

Blocking Down


Blocking down with ported MS461.



Blocking down with 395XP.



Pruning Ulmus parvifolia.

Pruning Ulmus parvifolia