November 2015

Domestic: Dismantling Cocos palms.

Dismantling Cocos palms


Government: Dept. Primary Industries.

Sead Eucalyptus tree removal


Government: Storm damaged Eucalyptus saligna removal.

Storm damaged Eucalyptus saligna removal


Domestic: Cedar tree crown lift.

Cedar tree crown lift


Government: Fire hazard reduction in Helensburgh.

Quoting for Dept Primary Ind


Domestic: Property line clearance.

Property line clearance


Domestic: Cypress Pine Removal.

Cypress Pine Removal


Crown lifting Schinus molle (Pepper tree).

Crown lifting Schinus molle


Long branch walk - Pepper tree.

Long branch walk - Pepper tree


No longer touching the roof.

No longer touching the roof


Building clearance.

Building clearance