Safety Vs Economics

Safety First!

In an effort to save money and without any safety or climbing equipment, this resident built a custom made ladder using his fully extended extension ladder

Amateur Tree Pruning


He then climbed up with a rope and carpenters saw to remove the whole limb over the house

Amateur Tree Work


In trying to avoid damage to his roof and house from falling debris, he attempting to lower the branches down with the cord seen in the second photo.


The weight of the branch and the resulting friction severed his thumb.


How he didn't also fall the 15 meters to the ground is a mystery



Basic Wood Chipper Maintenance.

Wood Chipper Knife Replacement


One of the daily/weekly/monthly requirements for safe and efficient wood chipper operation is that the double sided knives or blades need to be turned around at regular intervals.

Specialist Tools


There are torque settings for tightening and requirements for replacing the bolts which secure the knives; knife specifications and minimum length requirements; and specialist tools required to perform the proceedure.

Chipper Knife Bolts


This information is available in the wood chipper owner's manual and from the manufacturer.